What happened here? Oh, nothing.

Well that didn’t really turn out the way I was planning it to develope. Boy did I have big plans for this site. But I kinda got stuck and pushed it all back. For a year? Yeah, I know, for almost a year. I’m only human, and lazy, and forgetful, but mostly just lazy. So what’s been going on in the cardboard hobby since the last time I wrote on here, lets see. Panini has Basketball and Football in their firm grasp. Upper Deck is holding on for dear life to still have the Hockey portion of the hobby. Topps just won’t let go of Baseball. And Leaf just kinda waits in the background for the perfect opportunity to screw all the big dogs out of some top names in those sports.

Now I won’t go into any detail at this moment regarding the whole “exclusive” part but I must say that it’s both good and really harmful for the hobby. Competition is good, in a reasonable amount. And I find it kinda funny that, atleast according to myself, the best Baseball product of the year, this far, was made by Panini, a non MLB licensed company. Okey, let me explain myself a little bit there. 2016 Donruss Optic Baseball, that Panini has created, may not be high end, it may not have the greatest checklist of all time. But it is an affordable product that gives you plenty of enjoyment out of a box, even if you don’t hit any really good autos or parallels. As a group break product it is fantastic. The Hot Box system that they use for each case is a superb idea. The design and holo foil technology is as good as it gets without the rights to MLB names or logos. One can only hope that they don’t greed out over it in 2017.

So what’s up in my own collecting? As usual I stick with my overextended personal collection which boast about 15 different players in different sports along with all my favorite teams and a handful of sets. It’s actually almost two handfuls, but who’s counting, right? And with a tight budget it isn’t very easy to build a collection of a player, let alone 20-30 different players/teams/sets. So it’s been kinda silent from my end. There’s been a couple of minor group breaks here and there aswell as a couple of pickups. But nothing really crazy madtastic. That will turn around. Some day.


The start of something new

I’ve long been considering the possibility of sharing the hobby that I enjoy with other people. I used to be very active in the YouTube community surrounding sports trading cards but have, for whatever reason, taken a step back regarding recording videos and watching other youtubers videos. It was, for a period of time, the one thing I really enjoyed with the hobby. But for the last year I’ve not been as connected to the YouTube community as I would’ve wanted to. I do still watch some videos out there but they are easy to count per week. So instead, or as a compliment to even more videos hopefully, I’ve decided to try and mash together as much hobby information that I can, hobby information that I enjoy.

I regularly spend my time on a swedish trading card forum called hockeykort.se. There I usually chat about so much more than just hobby related things. But in the end we all are there for the same reason which is companionship and cards.

But this isn’t about me, well not in the general picture, it’s mostly about the hobby. Ofcourse I’ll be sharing my stories, my cards and my view on things. But it’s about the hobby. Trading cards. Sports trading cards especially.

In this, blog, or whatever you wanna call it, I’ll try to stay as objective as I can when it comes to news, products and things that are relevant for the hobby. But I most surely will insert my opinions and most certainly some really bad jokes into all of this.

During the last two years that I’ve been involved in the sports trading card hobby and community, I’ve seen both highs and lows. The main focus for all of us in the hobby of trading cards is collecting. But it has surely evolved into a major cash flow industry. Not just for the companies creating the products and the cards out there, but also for us collectors. We all try to say we’re only in it for the cards. But alot of us, including me, really don’t mind getting our hands on a card worth $200+ for less than $50 and then re-selling it. Especially if it’s a card that doesn’t fit into our collections.

Well, this has been a lovely little intro for this new trading card website. We’ll get into all of the newly touched topics even further later down the road. But lets just leave it like Fatboy Slim.

For those of you who don’t know me, I’m Rasmus, a fellow collector, a swede. You’ll find more information about me and my collecting in Holmbergs Corner, right here on this site.